Saturday, 16 November 2013


So I couldn't put 'Halloween' as the title for this post because that's just shameful.
Halloween posts are supposed to be done day of or day after.
Weeks after is just slacking.
So I'm going to post pictures of my kids in costumes.
They are ridiculously cute.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Elena Baby

Little miss.
She is the smiliest, happiest, funniest little morsel.
She loves to smile with her whole little body.
She's not shy at all, she will go to anyone but will check I'm still around now and again.
She is sitting up really well and only falls over if she reaches too far.
Diva. If she gets hurt she will let you know!
In LOVE with her big brother, if he even glances at her she is all wriggly with excitement.
She likes to watch the dog playing and if he gets close enough she will bury her tiny fists in his fur and tug. Worlds most patient dog.
Will eat anything you give her but loooooves any fruit. (except mangos)
Starting to go up on her knees and bounce a little.
Loves to go in her jolly jumper. She gets awesome air and maxes it out. It's hilarious to watch.
She is only whiney when she is sick or really tired. Hates her car seat.
Doesn't like to be left behind! If you leave the room she gets really upset.
She sleeps in our bed probably 90 percent of the time. Good thing its a king sized! We are working on this, but she is a terrible sleeper and it's way easier than getting up to get her all the time.
She is around 8 1/2 months old or 7 months adjusted, (she was 5 weeks early) which is killing me! Stop getting older! Stop! STOP! Why can't they stay babies! I love the baby stage!
She is a little string bean, long and skinny.
She is our sweet little piece of deliciousness and kissing her is, love, love.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Oh Mr. Euan.
This little boy is seriously. the. best.
Sure he can give me more attitude than a 16 year old.
He can scream louder than you would think possible. Especially when we are in the most public of all public places,  where you are supposed to be quiet. Always there.
But let me tell you, he gives the BEST kisses and hugs.
He likes to get "stuck" where we pretend mid-kiss that we are stuck and can't pull away. It's pretty much my all time favorite.
He likes to stretch his bedtime routine out as loooong as possible. He can get pretty inventive.
He loves to play pretend. His cars all have their own little voices.
He has the wickedest giggle you will ever hear.
His best friend is his dog. When he is sad or in time out Huck knows and lays his head next to him.
This kid is all boy. He loves to play in the dirt and do anything outdoors.
He loves riding his Strider bike and is really good at it.
He is very gentle with his little sister and likes to help with her. If he ever accidentally hurts her or gets carried away playing he gets very upset. Not to say he's not experimented with pushing her over just because but he's always pretty sorry.....usually. I'm sure sometimes he kind of wishes she wasn't so loud or she didn't take us so much of my time but he's usually a good sport about it.
He can talk a mile a minute when he gets going.
He can sing a mean "Mighty Machines" theme song. It's hilarious.
Very independent. So independent that if you do something for him he wanted to do, he will undo what you did....just so he can be the one to do it.
I love this kid so much I could just squeeeeeeeeeeze him all day long!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


It's been a while.
An embarrassing amount of time has gone by. I contemplated getting rid of this blog all together, but decided that I kind of liked looking back at old posts.
So, if for no one else but myself. Let's do this!

That being said, there is way to much that has happened since I last posted that one post wouldn't be enough.
Important things, like birthing a baby etc. etc.

So I'll summarize.

I had a baby! (Ok this news might just need it's own post...but for now)
She is the happiest baby around for the most part.
She has a hard time sleeping, which can make life difficult, but ohhhhh man is she cute!
Like soul meltingly cute.

Euan turned 3.
He is still as handsome and charming as ever, and equally devastating when he wants to be. (Think blood curdling screams)
He has the attitude of a 16 year old. No lie.
Loves to help out, but only on his terms.
Loves his baby sister but kind of doesn't at the same time.

We moved!
Glenn got a job in a different city and off we went! It's a smaller city and so far we are loving it. We only had two weeks to make the move, which made life just a tad stressful for a while.
Glenn is liking the new job and we are enjoying being closer to family.

Oh, what can we say about Huck......he's still here.
He is Euan's partner in crime.
We got him neutered and he went a bit trippy for a while. I mean ca-razy...
Thankfully it didn't last long and he's back to his slightly less crazy self.

The fish didn't die in the move. I don't know how I feel about that.

We had an amazing holiday visiting my mom and John in Arizona in September. It was a perfect break after a pretty stressful start to the summer.

So that is a very, very short summary of our year. I might go in to more detail and put up pictures...then again I may not. You'll just have to be surprised if it happens.

I will put some up from this last weekend though!
It was Canadian Thanksgiving! My brothers little family came down. It was nice to see everyone and stuff our faces.

 Lovin' some fall foliage. 
 He was soooo tired, but determined.
 In little boy heaven.
 What he does when I ask him to pose for the camera.
 Little ham.
 Seriously! A tractor! Up close!
 Checkin' it out.
 The boys.
 This kid loves dogs.
 Cousin fun!
 I just can't....I want to eat him!
 He was having a meltdown and didn't want his picture taken...
 So I followed him...taking his picture....pretty sure I get a mom award right there.
 Checking on the cows.
 Pine cone. He's obsessed with them. No idea.
So pretty!!

So there ya go! 
I'm back!
I think.....

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Half Way.

Half way done! Phew!
We found out a couple weeks ago we are having a little girl!!!!!!!!!!!
I wasn't expecting that at all.
I was completely and utterly convinced it was a boy.
We are super excited for our little lady!
Just need to think of a name.....I'll admit I'm completely stumped!
I've been feeling her wriggling around since about 12 weeks but the last week or so she has really let me have it!
I'm loving it, except when she sucker punches(or kicks) my bladder...
We went shopping for little girl baby clothes(I have NOTHING) I took one look at everything and had no clue where to start! This is going to take some getting used to!

Here is a couple pictures of the boys playing in the snow. Euan LOVES playing outside even if it's -15.
 I like this one because Huck is just a big puff of snow. That dog is nuts!
 Throwing snow!
 Love his face!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


So I dropped the ball on this one for a bit. We've had a lot going on and every time I think of blogging about it all....blah.
So I'm going to add a whole load of pictures and just summarize the important stuff!
We had a fun summer, playing outside a lot and keeping cool.
We moved into a new house beginning of September.
We celebrated Euan's second birthday(whoa....)
We got Euan a puppy for his birthday, we named him Huck and he is a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle.
We went to visit Grandma in Arizona for 2 weeks!
We had our first snow of the year and I'm already done.
Aaaand last but not least!
We are expecting baby #2 at the end of March! (pretty much the reason I haven't blogged because I was so sick I thought I was dying...)
So there ya go, a pretty pathetic update that will hopefully be made better by some pictures.
(They are not in order......sorry)